Cobb’s Glen Newsletter

A word from Wade
We are looking forward to hosting the Jackie Seawell Junior Invitational on Sat. and Sun. October 9th and 10th . For those of you who are new to the area, Jackie was the first PGA professional at Cobb’s Glen and was a great ambassador for golf in South Carolina and a great Jr. Golf leader. Thanks to Matt Harbin and Cobb Oxford for spearheading the idea and bringing it to fruition. It is open to Juniors 15 and under and players are from all over the state. If you would like to see some great golf, just come out next weekend and watch. We hope this will be an annual event and will continue to grow. If you would like to help sponsor this event in the future, please let the pro-shop know and we will get you in touch with Matt or Cobb.

We have had an eventful few weeks here at the club with a small kitchen fire causing damage to our oven and grill. We have those replaced now and are waiting on the electric company to get a part in so we can get back to our regular menu. We still have plenty of menu items available, (cold sandwiches, hotdogs, salads, drinks, snacks). The estimated date for returning to our regular menu is the 11th or 12th but is yet to be determined.

One day last week we opened for business, only to find the cart barn fence had been cut and 3 of our carts had been stolen. We located 2 of them in the field next to Glen View Middle school. A night later someone broke into the maintenance and stole one of the utility vehicles, so we are still missing 2 carts. Never a dull moment in the golf business.

From The Pro Shop
October already.
Club Championship Weekend of 10/22-24/21. Sign-up sheet is in the pro shop. You can play 1st round on Friday or Saturday, FINAL round on Sunday. Look forward to your participation. The updated Outing and scheduled events are posted on the white board in the Pro Shop. I can email to you upon request. The inaugural SCJGA Jackie Seawell Junior Tournament will be @ Cobb’s Glen October 9th & 10th .

From your MGA President
Greg Williamson
The MGA has a new event scheduled for October 16th, Dealer’s choice. Dealer choice is a 2-man better format for 18 holes. After the card is turned in, each players draws (2) cards from a deck of cards numbered 1-9. The cards that each player draws will determine what holes their ball is not eligible to be used. Example is player A draws cards 2 and 5, that would mean that his ball cannot be used on holes 2 and 5, his partner will be on his own on those holes. If player B drew cards 3 and 8, then player A would be on his own for those holes. The same thing happens for the back nine, as players draws cards numbered 10 – 18. This could change the team’s score by quite a bit depending on the luck of the draw. The key is the team does not know what how will not be eligible until after the round and the cards are turned in. We will have this event on October 16th and our closing Santa’s open on December 11th . After (4) events this year the MGA championship leader is Don Lucas with 143 points, Ken Rada in 2 nd with 139 and a 4-way tie for 3rd with 136 points between, Cox, Heard, Carson and Roberts. We have (2) more events to earn championship points. Hope to see you all out there on the 16th

From the Business Office
As you can tell, the statements look a little different this month. We have changed point of sale/billing systems as of September 1, 2021. Your statement should reflect a beginning balance as of September 1 (manual edit), any charges incurred during September and your dues and/or trail fees for October. Please look at your statement carefully to make sure you have been charged/credited properly. This new system will bring with it some new features that we will utilize in the future, so watch your newsletters and e-mails for information on these features as we implement them. Social/Pool members remember your pool membership balance was due August 31. Please clear up the pool part of your social membership if you have not done so. You may continue to use your Social Membership account in the restaurant and pro shop. Hope you all had a wonderful year at the pool and we look forward to seeing you soon. As always, feel free to call me anytime for information or questions about your membership or account.

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September 2021 Newsletter