Cobb’s Glen Newsletter

Cobb’s Glen Newsletter 

May 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to May and the official start of our season.  The Pool is scheduled to open on or before the Sat. of Memorial Day Weekend.  Ken Bradshaw will again be the pool manager.  If you have any kids interested in working at the pool this summer, just have them come by the pro-shop and get an application.  This year we are having trouble finding lifeguards and we will most likely operate often with swim at your own risk.  We will have attendants to keep up with pool activities but less coverage with certified lifeguards.  We are a Class “B” pool and are not required to have lifeguards at all.  We have tried over the years, to have as much coverage as possible just to keep the pool safer.  Staffing shortages are affecting us in all areas and the pool is not excluded.  Ken and staff will do everything possible to keep the pool areas clean and safe.  We appreciate your patronage and your patience.
Jr. Camps are already scheduled and full.  You may still get on an alternate list if you would like to but we have 20 kids registered in each camp.  Thanks for the support!!

Make sure you are aware of the Brett Crowe Memorial tournament on the weekend of May 14 and 15.  Course will be closed from 4:00 Friday until about 2-3 on Sunday. We also have the Anderson County “Paws” tournament on Friday the 6th.  No open golf on the 6th.and the “Under Armour Jr. Tournament” on Sat. May 7th.  We should have our normal Sat times in the Am but times will be limited in the afternoon.

From The Pro-Shop

May outings will be posted on white board in Pro Shop this week. We have several events booked and I apologize for any inconvenience they cause your golfing schedule.

From the MGA

The MGA held the season’s 2nd event on April 23rd, a Texas 2-man format. 25 two-man teams were divided into (3) flights based on combined team handicap Index. Flight Gross score winners were Miller/Miller, Williamson/McCage and Wright/Keller. The Net score winners were Kaufman/Poole, James/Reilly, James/Williamson, Liner/MacDonald, Knobel/Sanderson, Rada/Mobley. The CTP winners were Roh, Oxford, Evatt and McDougald. The MGA would like to thank all the players that turned out and supported the 2022 MGA season. We currently have over 100 MGA members and are getting 50-70 players for each of our events. The next event will be held on June 4th, the format will be determined within the next couple of weeks.
From the Pool (by Ken Bradshaw)

A new swim season is upon us and there have been some changes for Cobb’s Glen Pool this year.  First, there will be no diving board at the pool.  It broke at the end of last season and cannot be replaced due to insurance reasons.  I think we were lucky to have the board for as long as we did, since most public and class B pools haven’t had them for some time.  We will also not have lifeguards this season.  No one was interested in applying to lifeguard, so we will operate with “swim at your own risk” rules.  Pool attendants will still be around to operate the pool and keep an eye on things.  With these changes come some new pool rules.  No child under the age of 13 will be allowed in the pool without parent supervision.  No one can climb on the lifeguard stands.  Horseplay and other rules violations will be addressed by pool attendants.  I cannot stress enough the necessity that parents double their supervision efforts while at the pool.  We have been very lucky through the years to not have any serious issues arise, and we would like to keep it that way.  Thank you ahead of time for helping us keep Cobb’s Glen Pool safe for all who visit.  Everything else should operate the same, including your ability to order from the 19th Hole and have it delivered to the pool.  We will soon offer a new order procedure for anyone inside the immediate area, which will include Cobb’s Glen Pool and neighborhood, The Arbors, The Heritage, The Greens and Willow Haven.  You will be able to order your food from a QR Code located in a convenient area (at the pool and on 9 tee box) Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements coming in the near future. Our first day of operation should be Friday, May 27th.  It is possible that date could change, but we will let you know through email.  Hope to have a great year!  See everybody soon.

From the Business Office

SOCIAL MEMBERS / POOL MEMBERS – The pool season is upon us. Sign-up begins May 1, 2022. We will be in the office Monday – Friday 10:00 til 1:00 for sign ups. We will be here one weekend during May to sign up those who cannot make it during the week. Saturday, May 21st, we will be here from 10:00 to 5:00. Sunday, May 22 we will be here 1:00 til 5:00. The pool will open the Friday before Memorial Day, May 27th and be open through Labor Day. You will need to come back in and re-sign sometime during the month of May and pay any balance you have on last year’s pool membership. If you have a balance from last season, you will be required to pay it and 2022’s membership in full. You can call or email me and let me know you are re-signing and we will have all your paperwork ready to sign and cards to pick up within 3 days.
Remember that all pool members are automatically Social members. This does not change anyone’s membership; it just assures that all pool members have charging privileges. Keep your cards with you so that you can show them when you charge in the restaurant or pro shop.
You will need to pay a $100 deposit on your membership, which is applied toward the balance but you will need to complete paying off your membership by the end of August. That will give you 3 months to pay off your pool membership. Your Pool membership, which is now your Social membership, is good until May 31st of 2023. So, your membership is for a year, but needs to be paid in full by August 31st. There will also be a credit card fee this year, so bring your checkbooks to avoid this fee.
Anyone who pays in full up front will receive a gift coupon to the 19th Hole restaurant.

Each year we make some capital improvements. Some are improvements we have to make and some are fun improvements we like to make. We hope to add a few more chairs, tables, umbrellas, etc. as needs arise. We are always looking for gently used iron furniture that can be painted. This year we will be spending $3000 for two new electrical panels and installing a new roof. If time and funds allow, we will be painting the pool deck. We will let you know of any improvements as they are budgeted for.
Anyone who does not come in to re-sign during May not be in the system. The office staff is here daily between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. during the month of MAY for pool sign ups. Once again, you can call in advance and we will have your paperwork ready to sign. We will need the following to happen when you come in:

– Any old balance left over from 2021 or before must be cleared up on that day before you can join for 2022.

– If you have an old balance to clear up, you will need to pay 2022 membership in full.

– You will need to sign a form acknowledging that you are joining for 2022 and you have an obligation to pay in full before the end of August 2022.

– You will need to pay the first $100 of your membership or pay in full.

– You will receive your new 2022 pool cards

If you were a 2021 pool or social member and do not want to join for 2022, you will still need to make sure your account is cleared up immediately to avoid the collections process. 2022 cards will not be issued until you have signed a new contract. All rates will remain the same as last years. This year the pool/social rates will be as follows:

Pool Memberships and Social Memberships – $500
Pool Memberships and Social with Cobb’s HOA – $465
Pool Memberships for Golf Members $215
Pool Memberships for Golf Members w/ Cobb’s HOA $195

GOLF MEMBERS – Golf Members. You may still call me and have me add your reduced fee membership to your account.
As always, call Anita anytime for questions about memberships or billing.

2201 Cobb’s Way, Anderson, SC 29621

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