Cobb’s Glen Newsletter

September 2021
A word from Wade

We have officially moved on to the Fore-Up Tee-Sheet and are live as of Sept. 1.  I’m sure there will be a few hiccups in the process but please bear with us as we become more and more familiar with the system.  We will let you know when we can go live with the member portal and let you view your own acct. Eventually you will be able to pay your bill from that portal, but we will have to get it all set up first.  The website is now live and has a new fresh look.  We hope to be able to change at least parts of it in house to keep the info fresh. Check it out at

Team Wade was victorious in the MGA Cup.  I lost my match 2 1/5 to ½ but the team did well.  We lost the battle but won the war.  Thanks to all 48 players who played and we look forward to next year.

We have been slow to complete projects partially due to Lee having a bad case of Covid. He has been ill for the most part of 6 weeks and is finally over the hump and on the mend.  As with all of the bad covid cases it take a long time to regain your strength and as soon as he is able we will do the drainage on 18 and the tee box on 13.

I have some bad news on the diving board at the pool.  My insurance company would not renew our policy with a diving board in place.  We will have the board removed and repair the deck surface as soon as we are able.  Other than that, the season went very well.  Thanks to Ken Bradshaw and his staff for keeping our pool safe.  We have decided that next year all pool memberships will have to be paid up front.  We have too many members that forget about their balance during the off season, and we end up having to chase them down if they don’t join back in the summer.  Paying up front eliminates that issue.

From the Pro-Shop

By Dale Heflin

Happy September Everyone!!

As we transition to the New Tee Time Platform, please confirm for the next couple of weeks your tee times are on the book. The new program sends confirmations to the name assigned the tee time. Confirm we have your correct email in our records. If you’ve received an email in reference to creating an acct… It is legitimate, it is part of our new platform features.

Outings will start back up for the Fall season.  We will do our best to have updated schedule on the White board in the pro shop.

Please remember this football season……. Watching the game won’t change the outcome….. PLAY GOLF!!!

From your MGA President

Greg Williamson

The MGA completed the annual MGA Cup on Saturday August 28th. We had 48 players divided into 2 teams. The teams were chosen and captained by Wade and Dale. (12) matches were conducted by (2) man team from Team Wade against a (2) man team from Team Dale. Each match was worth (3) points, one point each for the front nine, the back nine and for the total (18) holes. First to 18 ½ points would be the winner. After (11) matches were completed, the score was Team Wade 18, Team Dale 15. It would all be decided by the anchor teams. Team Wade had chosen to Gordon Senerius and his partner Melvin (Spanky) Wilson in his anchor group. Gordon is a multi-time winner of the MGA Cup and could not have been a better anchor for Team Wade. Gordon and Spanky got the job done for Team Wade by delivering 2 points for a Team Wade victory 20 to 16. Thank-you to all that played. We have now had 300 players in our MGA events for the year and enrolled a couple of new members to take our membership over 110. Our next MGA event will be on October 16th.

The format will be determined in a few days, see you all on October 16.

Pool News

By ken bradshaw

We are in the final 2 weeks of the pool season as we will close on Sept 12th at 7:30 PM. Thank you all so much for supporting your neighborhood pool and helping to keep alive the fun and enjoyment it provides for so many.  Come out on Labor Day and celebrate the last holiday of the summer season.  We are open from 10AM until 7:30 PM Mon-Sat and Sunday from 12-7:30PM.  Hope to see you all again next Memorial Day to kick off the 2022 season.

Thank you all again.


From the Business Office Anita May

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